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Summer 2021 we went live!! This site will mainly be stocking Jacket Patches (Rock, Metal, Horror, Punk, etc etc) Both embroidered and woven designs. We also carry a small selection os Shirts, Stickers, Flags, Underground Metal CDs, hats and more.

The People of Korey's Patches and Stuff are not new to the Merch business. We have spent time working with the Pagan Wear Site and Several years on The Catacombs T-Shirts Site and Retail Store.

Korey himself from this site has spent close to 30 years in the Metal and Punk Scene. Being Show Promoter, being in bands and attending several hundreds of Concerts in Canada and the USA.

Some favorite bands of the site listening wise... Slayer, Devourment, Testament, Agnostic Front, NWA, Prince, Judas Priest, Pyrexia, Exodus, NAILS, Sisters of Mercy and so on and so on.

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